Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Janet's Five Books: Beach Reads for Each Age

A Beachcomber's Odyssey by S. Deacon Ritterbush, Ph.D.
(Ritz Dotter, $39.95)

Filled with exceptional photographs (taken by Megan Elyse Lloyd who was working at a 24 hour drive through photo lab at the time), A Beachcomber's Odyssey is a tribute to the Zen of attentively strolling the shore line, eyes lowered, searching without expectation for the next treasure. Between photographs are memoirs to the healing properties of water and nature.

Bike Snob by Christopher Koelle (Chronicle Books, $16.95)
We all know the value of laughing at ourselves and the material items we often take so seriously. I especially liked Chapter Three which includes the "various subsets of cyclists". My sister-in-law just began training for a 50 mile charity ride. She doesn't know what make her bike is, how to work the gears, but she does knows that the bike is red. She's my kind of cyclist. I sent her the book.

Suite Scarlett by Maureen Johnson (Scholastic, $8.99)
Enjoy the eccentricity of the Martin family who own and manage a failing hotel in New York City. Each character is brought to life by Johnson's elegant description. Endearing is the deep love and understanding of each member of the family towards one another. Suite Scarlett was the Young Adult Book Discussion choice for June. The cover is a brilliant RED.

A Couple of Boys Have the Best Week Ever by Marla Frazee (Harcourt, $16.00)
Eamon and his best friend, James, go to a week of "nature camp" which means a week with Eamon's grandparents who live on the beach. Your child will love the adventures, meals and simple acceptance and love that create the best week ever. Store legend has it that the day this book arrived was the first day that I sat down (to read) at the store.
[Editor's note: This book is also one of Mo's Staycation Picks this month.]

Be Happy by Monica Sheehan (Simon and Schuster, $7.99)
A small price to pay for simple and wise advise in the guise of a board book. Be Happy is sweetly illustrated with a juggling dog.

July 2010, Janet Elfant

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