Sunday, August 14, 2016

Young Adult Book Club Post-Book-Club Newsletters

Up until the book club ended in May, I kept a list of all the books we'd read on the book clubs page of the website. Now that I'm using a different format for the newsletters, with multiple book recommendations each time, and themes tying them together, that list seems unwieldy for the purpose of archiving. So I'm posting here the links to the newsletters themselves, starting from April, 2016. And I'll plan to keep updating!

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May 2017:
Big Blue YA News -- KLF Author Extravaganza, News of Our Neighbors, and Readings of Resistance

April 2017:
Big Blue YA News -- Parks and Indie Bookstores, Love and Hate, and Authors Coming!

March 2017:
Big Blue YA News -- Dragons, Dragons, Peeps...and also Dragons!

February 2017:
Big Blue YA News -- Awards, Immigration, Peeps, and Dragons!

January 2017:
Big Blue YA News -- Series to Read and Reread, Store Bestsellers, and Activism!

December 2016:
Big Blue YA News -- No Name-Calling: Standing Up, and Fighting Back!

Note: There's a link in this newsletter to an interview that disappeared from the Girls Who Code website (and then reappeared later), and so the link in the newsletter is broken. Here's the correct link to the interview with Andrea Gonzales.

November 2016:
Big Blue YA News -- Independence, Slavery, and Standing Rock. VOTE!

October 2016:
Big Blue YA News -- Dystopias, Speculative and Real...or Coming Soon

September 2016:
Big Blue YA News -- Village Fair, Combating Xenophobia, and still more Harry Potter!

August 2016:
Big Blue YA News -- Reality in Fantasy, Writers and Their Writing, and More Harry Potter Events

July 2016:
Big Blue YA News -- Rise of Fascism and WWII**, Pretzels and Soda, and Pokémon GO!

June 2016:
Big Blue YA News -- Steampunk, Harry Potter, and Homemade Cookies!

May 2016:
Big Blue YA News -- Final Gathering (a Party!), Social Action, and Recommendations!*

April 2016:
Big Blue YA News -- Kids' Lit Fest, Final Meetings, and Verse Novels!

* The recommendations for May are two books about trans students already presenting as their truer selves and dealing with whether/how to come out to people in their schools, with questions of trust and of the perceptual differences between secrecy and privacy.***
** Themes for July and for September through December chosen with current political events in mind.
*** FYI, in the April-June newsletters, the link to our QUILTBAG books blog post (particularly relevant for May) is broken, though it was corrected starting in July. And then it was misdirected from December to February! Better since March, though.