Tuesday, July 17, 2012

All sorts of summer promotions!

Summer Promotion: Save your movie stubs!
From now until Labor Day, bring in a ticket stub from a superhero or fairytale movie, and receive 20% off any superhero or fairytale book in the store! This includes everything from picture books for kids to folktales retold as novels (for an evolving set of staff suggestions see here) -- so have fun at the movies, and happy reading!

July Promotion: Redeem Your Frequent Buyer Card!
Is your frequent buyer card full? Will you fill one in July? Redeem it this month for an extra 5% off, for a total of 25% off a purchase of up to $150! If you're not sure how close you are, ask us!

New hours and receipt discount during Weavers Way renovation

Monday 11-6
Tues-Fri 11-7 (later during events)
Sat-Sun 10-6 (unchanged)
During this time, the co-op will become a "pop-up store" with numerous events for kids and adults. If you come to the bookstore with a co-op receipt whose time coincides with that day's event, we'll give you 5% off your purchase -- in addition to any other discounts! This includes the summer movie discount, the July discount, and the regular book club book discount!

Meanwhile, there's also the Co-op's Mt. Airy Village Loyalty Card:
Conversely, you can get a card punch from us (and other Village businesses) for a purchase over $5 (one per day) during the renovation, and when the card is filled you'll receive $5 off a Weavers Way purchase of over $50.

Summer Sidewalk Sales
Our upcoming summer sidewalk sales -- full of hardcovers and paperbacks at deep discounts -- are scheduled for the weekends of July 28-29 and August 18-19. Check our website for more details.

And of course we always have a selection of discounted books in our sale section, including many hardcovers for paperback prices!

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