Thursday, March 03, 2011

Featured Poem: Drawing Down

Here's another new Big Blue Marble blog series. We'll be featuring poems from local and beyond poets that we love. Check out this one from local poet Crystal Bacon, for these last days of winter.

Drawing Down

In the woods, the last sun
slants through trunks
bare and spare as bones.
At their feet leaves gather and scatter
layer upon layer bleached dun
and greeny gold. Their upturned faces
behold their downfall.

Here at home, houseplants grow
sickly in the shifted day.
Oxalis droops its winey blooms
on slimy dim stems.
Even the relentless geranium
weeps pink petals
moist as night time tears.

I draw curtains over closed blinds
and pulled shade. The lamp glows
warmly against cloth. Yet moon sings
sweetly full and blue,
bearing its bright message
down upon all creatures,
recipients of light.

-by Crystal Bacon

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