Saturday, May 16, 2015

None of the Above is EVERYTHING!

None of the Above by I.W. Gregario

I loved everything about reading this book. Something I talk a lot about in relation to (especially) queer/QUILTBAG lit is the way sometimes we sacrifice quality for representation. This is not the case with Gregorio's excellent writing. The author's follow up does a great job in explaining the choices made by the main character and why Kristen makes the choices she does. 

More impressively, the book is well researched and respectful of the diversity of intersex experience. I was concerned that because there are so few intersex characters in contemporary (and especially contemporary YA) lit, that this book might make broad, sweeping gestures about the intersex community. Not at all. In fact, Gregorio goes out of the way to talk about how Kristen's experiences are NOT universal and that there are many different ways in which people relate to their gender. 

I'm missing the most important part here: It's a great freaking book. It's well written and charming and infinitely relatable and the world is a better place for the publication of this rad story.

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Jacqueline Houtman said...

Are you aware of DOUBLE EXPOSURE by Bridget Birdsall? It is a YA novel with an intersex protagonist.