Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Lise Funderburg Visits!

What a wonderful and warm visit by our neighbor and author of the memoir Pig Candy which was the Women of the World book club's selection of the month. We had a great discussion of the book with people asking Lise about her father's behaviors, journalism, whether they still had the farm and the fish pond, why she didn't put the death scene at the end of the book, and more. Lise mentioned thinking about doing a personal writing workshop in the Mt. Airy area, so be on the look out for more information. And if you haven't yet read this social history/memoir, get up on it. It's more than just succulent pig meat.

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The Aquablogger said...

Here's the website for a book party that needs a Delaware Valley host:

I read poetry at BBM every month, and even though there is practically no time, between my activist network, women's issues networking, and the Penn health community, we could create a house and sell a few books!

Maleka, if I can find (or guess) your e-mail, I'll send you this link directly.

Ron Fischman