Thursday, December 10, 2009

A Poem for Winter Solstice

Here's a beautiful poem by local poet Susan Windle in celebration of the upcoming winter solstice. Enjoy!

The Voice of Another Woman

Do not muffle
do not cloud
speak with your full voice
which is luminous
and please in mid-sentence
do not cover yourself
with that veil.

I want an end to shame.
I want clarity—mine and yours.
They told you brilliance would hurt
do not believe them
they said that light in your hands
is stolen
do not duck away like a thief.

Take the reins of the chariot
and shake
what you hold back—
take the reins and shine

Shine on me.

-Susan Windle

Susan Windle is Philadelphia-based poet and part of the poetry and singing group Voices of a Different Dream. They are two poets and a singer who have been creating, performing, recording and publishing original poetry and song in the Philadelphia area and beyond since 1991. Their work is a lively and inventive blend of the spoken and sung word. Honoring each woman's strong solo voice, they revel in the many ways to combine their voices. With no instruments but voice and gesture, their performances and recordings are journeys of the soul dedicated to fostering peace within and among us. Drawing on personal memory, the cycles of nature, and the current social and political climate, they create experiences that heal and celebrate. Their work is deeply feminist. They offer their music and poetry in the service of creating a kinder, more just, more joyous culture.

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