Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Hi all, we are sweltering away at the bookstore, but we have high hopes that air conditioning is within sight. The contractor has been on the phone with us daily and the latest word is that work will start Friday or Saturday and take 3-4 days. He hasn't been this specific up until now, so by next week we may well have relief for our curling books and our wilting selves.

We've also been having fun with our t-shirt supplier, City Threads. We actually really like City Threads. Their shirts are cute and super-cool, and they do their own dyeing and embroidery, using shirts sourced in the US, mostly from American Apparel. They're also very friendly and easy to work with, but they usually only do kids' shirts. When they offered to do grown-up shirts for us we were excited until we opened up the shipment. The men's shirts are fine, and if you like a unisex-styled shirt they're good for women, too. Unfortunately, the shirts styled specifically for women were actually sized for girls. The XL size would fit a woman who normally wore a small or XS. We got on the phone and they were very apologetic, but we still had 65 shirts on our hands and we can't reasonably expect to sell more than a handful, while City Threads doesn't want them back, seeing as they have Mount Airy embroidered across the front.

In the end, they gave us a credit, which we're using for long-sleeved women's shirts for September delivery, but just to be certain, they sent us blank shirts that Jen and I tried on to check the sizing before they went forward with anything. In the meantime, if you know of a group of Mount Airy girls--scouts, sports team, youth group, etc.--that wants to represent and can claim 501-c-3 status, please let us know. The shirts are scoop-necked baby-rib in girls' sizes S-XL in assorted colors. They are not for resale.

On non-bookstore life--anyone out there not know about the Girl Scout pool at Shelly Ridge? It's maybe a 10-minute drive from the store, out Ridge Pike (via Henry) and it's open to individual members after Girl Scout camp is over for the day. It backs onto woods and there's a picnic grove in a little scrap of an old orchard. We usually spot deer, rabbits, or groundhogs on the grounds. We've been hanging out there in the early evenings, taking the baby in the shallow end, taking turns swimming some laps. It's a lovely place to end a July day.