Monday, June 05, 2006

Hey everyone out there,

I realize that if the only thing we put on our blog is event announcements there's no reason to check it. So I'm going to start posting a little more about my life as a newbie bookseller, and maybe I can coax staff into getting on and letting you in on some of the projects they have underway.

I'm coming back to work today after spending a long weekend doing an amazing training to begin my certification process with Lamaze to do childbirth education. Yes, I am crazy to be adding anything to my plate, but I miss being a teacher (not working in schools, mind you, just being a teacher) and I feel very passionate about fixing the birth and mothering culture in our country. (Any of you who have shopped our parenting section probably figured that out.) The women at the training and the ones running it were all passionate, knowledgeable, full of good ideas and I'm inspired to start teaching as soon as I can. Don't you think a childbirth class would fit right in to our community room calendar?

One of the requirements for certification is to observe three births, so if you know anyone who's pregnant and due between now and Thanksgiving who would be open to having me sit in, please let me know!

On the store front, we're very happy to have Nif back. She was in Wisconsin for WisCon, the annual feminist sci fi conference, and she has tons of suggestions and stories.